Well rounded in the arts and in the realm of activism, Alia Sharrief is known for boundless talents including lyricism, performance, recording, directing and media consultancy. Her advocacy ranges- social justice, human rights, female empowerment, and unity.

But it is her music that best defines her. Alia’s performances have spanned the country and transcended borders to an international audience. Alia has proudly shared the stage with Kendrick Lamar, Yasiin Bey, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae and many other notable entertainers. She recalls her grandmother being a profound influence in her self expression. A former Civil Rights activist, Alia’s grandma encouraged her to channel aggression through songwriting rather than physical confrontations. Alia has a deep regard for music of the past, in all genres.

She celebrates that classic old school. She describes her own creative product as direct yet heartwarming with universal, soulful appeal. Reaching deep in the songwriting process, her intention is to speak truth and represent this truth in her brand as well.

Adamant in refusing to blend in or fade with the trends, Alia’s greatest aspiration is to change the face of music and media in an uplifting, creative direction. As founder of The Hijabi Chronicles and self motivated entrepreneur, she hopes to reach these goals. Her new EP, “Don’t Forget Me” is out now!

Discover my NEW EP “Don’t Forget Me”